Contract Sentinel For Public Sector Clients

There are some very specific key goals and challenges for managing contract delivery in the public sector:

  • Delivering increased value at lower cost. Savings in staff, buildings, processes, etc. But what about the significant spend on services and contracts? The ability to find savings through traditional methods has become increasingly difficult.
  • By 2020 most public sector organisations will need to find further cuts, averaging in some cases over 40% against the 2010 cost base. Knowing where all the costs lie – direct and indirect – in supplier performance is essential. Contract Sentinel helps identify and control expenditure on services, making savings, driving efficiency and increasing value in contracts, without impacting on the delivery of front-line services.
  • Developing simple, high-quality performance dashboards and reporting to improve supplier relationship management and account management with lower overheads. Contract Sentinel delivers automated contract performance dashboards which can be jointly owned, with earlier signals of issues requiring attention, to allow true partnership working.
  • Making the best use of technology. Contract Sentinel is cloud based and does not require any additional IT infrastructure. It can be accessed by both client and supplier anywhere, at any time.
  • Accessing quality data and information. Contract Sentinel allows users to determine how much detail they want in order to manage contracts appropriately; higher risk, higher value, greater complexity, or past performance.

If you are managing supplier performance, you probably face these common challenges:

  • No single repository for agreements – documents held all over the place
  • Information not easily accessible – correspondence, key dates and clauses are hard to find
  • Most agreement information held on spreadsheets
  • Agreements and recurring payments automatically renew without formal review
  • Payments being made for services which are no longer needed
  • No process for capturing existing and new agreements or notifying when agreements require review or reach a key date
  • No simple way of reviewing suppliers or easily collecting supplier performance
  • Staff turnover means information gets ‘lost’, leading to purchase order approvals of low value agreements

Contract Sentinel’s automated system can solve all these issues and bring significant benefits and savings to your business by:

  • Measuring Service Performance
  • Understanding the true cost of the service
  • Identifying unused services
  • Identifying risk to your business
  • Understanding how contracts are linked for better portability
  • Better managing service contracts, improving supplier performance and empowering managers to track internal and external service agreements
  • Providing the Executive team with an instant access dashboard to all contract and service performance covering SLAs, cost of service, risk and governance

Features and Benefits of Contract Sentinel

Key features:

  • Monitoring actual SLA performance vs. expectation
  • Independent reporting
  • Vendor comparison
  • Dynamic monitoring of contract SLAs
  • Multiple user access to same information regardless of location
  • Highly scalable
  • Supports a wide range of file and content types
  • Easily accessed via standard web-browsers

Key benefits:

  • Key enabler to controlling costs
  • Improved access to information saves time
  • Significant cost savings
  • Achieve the optimum mix of suppliers
  • Identify contracts with similar services/products
  • Alignment of procurement and supply management
  • Controlling risk and identifying weak performance
  • Service availability comparison
  • Easy deployment
  • Intuitive interface

Despite best efforts, many supplier term agreements renew without review and the first notification is the purchase invoice arriving the day after the termination date. Contract Sentinel can help you avoid this.

  • Automated alerts means reviews happen in a timely manner
  • Alerting to key dates enables better planning for renegotiation, amendment, renewal or cancelling, so you avoid paying for services no longer required
  • Retaining the history of a contract and pricing enables a more informed approach

Additional Information

  • Security is role based access within secure private Azure Cloud as per Microsoft security policies, AWS or Google Cloud
  • No user based licensing
  • Cloud performance as per Azure, AWS, Google performance commitments
  • On-site deployments available at a different cost structure
  • Cloud data ownership strategy

Getting started with Contract Sentinel is simple and very affordable. Just request a demo or sign up for a free trial today.