Contract Sentinel for Suppliers

In today’s business world, clients insist on a greater level of transparency for contract services. They focus on achieving a number of goals in services or solutions at the best possible value. A client will aim for the following as a minimum in the service delivery:

  • Security
  • Performance
  • Cost visibility and transparency
  • Adherence to governance
  • Objective and subjective reviews of the service
  • Portability

For you, the supplier, the above commitments increase the cost of service delivery, especially if manual effort is required to deliver those metrics to the client.

In some large service contracts it is not unusual to have a number of people capturing and reporting on service level commitments. Additional pressure comes from the intense and often global level of competition, combined with a market that demands increasing transparency. This all places more pressure on you to deliver competitive services at ever smaller margins.

Contract Sentinel’s comprehensive monitoring platform can help you to provide this increased level of detail and automation. It will enable you to deliver each client contract efficiently and cost effectively, while meeting the necessary expectations on service reporting.

Contract Sentinel can:

  • Capture the contract
    • Terms & conditions
    • Governance
    • Pricing
    • Restrictions
  • Automatically monitor all contract aspects covering:
    • Contract performance
    • Consumption
    • Adherence to governance
    • Key review dates, clauses and milestones
  • Provide comprehensive reporting on all your client contract
  • Enable client space to review its contract status

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