Case Studies & White Papers

From here you can access a range of white papers that discuss the topic of contract lifecycle, performance management of contracts and suppliers, and the benefits of a streamlined approach to both of these.

Whilst most of these white papers are readily available in the public domain, some have been written specifically for circulation within the contract management communities.

Managing A Supplier Portfolio in Austerity

Case studies

“Cirris is a global company that has been making cable and wiring harness test equipment for 30 years. We work in a wide range of industries such as aerospace, medical and motor racing, and count British Aerospace and McLaren among our clients. We may work all over the world, but we are a small company, employing just under 10 people. This has presented us with some very costly problems when we let both utility and client contracts roll over without reviewing them. So we needed to find a more efficient long-term solution to help us save money, which is the bottom line for many businesses.

“What we like about Contract Sentinel is that it does the hard work for us, and it has actively saved us money. It alerts us to contracts of all types that are up for renewal, so we can assess them in good time. The reporting feature is very easy to understand, and because we can see the real and current cost of a contract at any time we can look at how we can save or make money there too.

“I wholeheartedly recommend Contract Sentinel to anyone who needs to run a tighter ship with their contracts, or is frustrated with losing money due to roll-overs. It gives you back the control you need and prevents costly errors. Its not just for large companies, its also ideal for our smaller operation where resources and time are limited.”

Dave Morris, Managing Director, Cirris


“The New Life Church is a large charitable community, comprising a church, conference facilities, night shelter and office space. We run a multitude of contracts to manage areas such as health and safety, facilities, utilities and security and, because we are a charity, it’s vital that we manage them efficiently to keep costs low, so that funds reach those who need them most.”

“Contract Sentinel has enabled us to do just that. We can now accurately track and measure each contract, and view every aspect in one easy-to-use format. It alerts us in good time when contracts are up for renewal, which allows us to review and prevents costly roll-overs. The reporting feature is particularly good for us because we can see exactly how a contract is performing in real time, with over and under spend, enabling us to act quickly where necessary. It’s a very flexible feature and can be tailored to our specific needs.”

“There is a definite need for Contract Sentinel within the charity sector, where money can so easily be wasted. It’s a sophisticated but affordable solution for controlling spending and long-term contract management.”

Dave Eyeington, Director, New Life Church, Milton Keynes